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Memorial created 10-24-2008 by
Lee Napoletano
Lauren Renee Bolles
March 5 1992 - July 5 2008

Lauren had a bond with Janine that was really amazing.  She did so many things for and with her. Lauren and Natosha were great together too, going golfing, the adventure of biking/jogging to the smoothie shop and getting caught in the rain.  I miss the three of them horsing around together, us playing uno on the living room floor, we had some very special times together.  Laughing until our guts hurt over the silliest things.


Natosha & Lauren

I absolutely love this picture. It is one of my favorites, they are so beautiful.

Janine and Lauren

Homecoming 2008

This is such a fabulous picture it so captures Lauren's wackiness!!! She was such a goof somtimes. She was absolutely amazing!

Not looking too excited
Fair 2006

July 4th, 2008

This is the last picture that we have taken of Lauren ~ taken on July 4th 2008 by Janine.  It was taken before we went to the parade and Lauren to her carnival booth to raise money for her volleyball team.


It may be many years but we will be together again

I miss Lauren every single day, pictures and memories are not enough for me but I hope you enjoyed this memorial site and that it brought a smile to your face and in your heart. My daughter is never far from my thoughts, we had a wonderful time together.


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