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Memorial created 10-24-2008 by
Lee Napoletano
Lauren Renee Bolles
March 5 1992 - July 5 2008

She loved cameras and taking pictures!

This page is some of the things i've found on the computer that Lauren had saved in her files and some are things I have found that remind me of her.  And there are some pictures.



Lauren will always be loved, missed and remembered by us.

        Forever loved~Forever missed~Forever young


I had to put this on!

Ha! Ha! Lauren had all kinds of socks~toe socks, knee highs, socks with an assortment of animals and Christmas socks too!

She's on the roof!
In the tree next to our house

Lauren went through phases of things that were her favorite.  Horses, penguins, ducks, turtles, beagles, frogs.




Oh my goodness!  Lauren loved candy!  Laffy Taffy & gummy worms!


At Lynette's

Playing pool in Lynette's garage!


Lauren's Flowers

These flowers  grow behind our house, we did not know this until Lauren made the discovery one day she was out wondering around on her adventure.  She spotted them while she was way up in a tree next to our house.  That same day she also took some pictures of a worm and some of her in the tree at verying heights.  So whimsical and fun.



Well I haven't written anything or put new stuff in for a while now and I just watched the video Jorja did for like the 100th time-now I am in the mood to write about Lauren.  Somewhere I had a picture to go with this fact but I can't find it but here it goes...Lauren had a rather large dimple/dent on her left thigh about 5 inches up from her knee, one time when we went to Mackinac Island we were riding our bikes back to the place we rented them from Lauren almost crashed into a horse. We were going pretty fast, there was a hill it was the funniest scariest thing, well the 2nd scariest thing that day. The first was me almost flipping over my bike when my pant leg got caught in the chain.  Lauren loved to cook, she once told me she wanted to be a chef- I think it came from watching friends.  Well that may be all for my writing adventure, i'm now blocked and have a headache from crying.  I miss her so much, it's hard to believe it has been over a year and so much more time til I see her again. Thank you for coming to visit my Lauren it does truly mean a lot to know she is remembered, so please sign the guest book. Will add more later-Lee


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