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Memorial created 10-24-2008 by
Lee Napoletano
Lauren Renee Bolles
March 5 1992 - July 5 2008

My little princess was adorable, loving, so helpful, she was just great.  Her and her sister Tosha played so well together and had the most fun.  Lauren always wondered why there weren't many pictures of her when she was little, well come to find out we have quite a few rolls of film that weren't developed from when they were little.  We are just now getting them developed.  I wish she was here to see- that yes we did have pictures of her, they were just misplaced.



Lauren(blue), me and Tosha

Lauren is in blue, I think this was the little get together we had for her

kindergarten graduation.


So cute

Kindergarten Graduation! From left Natosha, Lauren, Tommy and in

front is Porscha.


I think this is something to do with the graduation too.  She's wearing the same dress that she is in the picture of her party.


My sleepy girl.

I think maybe she was hiding in the shoe closet and fell asleep. I don't know how she came to be in there.  Pretty cute tho, doesn't look too comfy.


Easter 94

They are so cute, I'm pretty sure this was Easter night of 1994, might be 95 I'll have to find out for sure.


Ready for bed

Lauren was always on the go.  Natosha is in the little mermaid dress and Lauren is behind her on the move before she had her jammies all the way on.


She's so cute!

She must have been hiding from someone, she looks pretty surprised that I was there to catch her with a picture.  I think this was 1995 at the red house in Bay Mills.



Parent day at Headstart. It must have been October 1996.


Christmas Program

I think this was 1998, Lauren would have been in 1st grade. It's hard to tell with no date on the picture.


They're so cute!

Lauren & Natosha at Grampa Wayne and Grama Faith's, not sure exactly what year my guess would be 1997.


Wow what poses!

I think Lauren must of been in 1st grade here. They're so cute.


All dressed up

This was at Jack & Rachael's wedding in Brimley.



This was the year the girls opened all the presents before they woke us up.

At Grama and Grampa's 3/26/97

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