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Lee Napoletano
Lauren Renee Bolles
March 5 1992 - July 5 2008

Lauren's hospital pic

Before Lauren was born my doctor swore she was gonna be a boy, with the heart rate and how I was carrying her, so I brought boy clothes with me. That is why she wasn't all decked out in pink girly stuff.  She was the cutest baby ever tho.


I think this was our first day home, she still has the little bow in her hair.  Actually I think they take the hospital picture just before you leave.


Me and my girls 1992

I think we lived in Hulbert in this picture.  There was no date on the back so i'm not sure how old everyone is.


Lauren and her big sister Natosha.  Ohh the things Tosha would try and do for Lauren- always trying to sneak her food and whatever else she thought Lauren needed.


Not sure what was going on but Lauren looks pretty excited about something and can't do anything about it.  She's so cute!


My happy baby!  Great big smile.  What a doll.


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