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Lee Napoletano
Lauren Renee Bolles
March 5 1992 - July 5 2008

Natosha, Lauren and Janine 2007

My three lovelies, there was nothing better than having the three of them messing around in living room, making all sorts of racket.  Usually tickling Janine and wrestling.



One of the few days Janine would actually ride the bus, might have been Janine's 1st day of preschool at the end of September 2007.


Lauren and her best friend Lynnette.  They were as close as sisters, together pretty much whenever they could make it happen.  They had some amazing times together.


Best friends for life!

The caption for this is picture is the same one that Lauren had in her picture group.  Trisha, Lauren and Lynnette, I'm not sure what year it was taken-maybe 2005?


At the fair

 I'm pretty sure this was August 2006 and by the looks on the girls faces, it must of been time to leave.


Homecoming 2008

                      Such a beauty, my Lauren


Our 1st family picture

On the back of the picture it says I'm 21, Natosha 3, and Lauren is 2. That would  make it 1993.


Christmas at The Hopper house

Grama Hopper and me are in the back and Natosha and Lauren in the front, i'm not sure what year - I would guess 2001.


Shianne, Natosha and Lauren

This was taken at the resort and the year I would have to guess as 1996.


Grampa and his girls

The back of the picture says 12/1999, that would make Natosha 9 and Lauren 7.  My dad loved his baby girls.  I pray that my dad, Lauren and my  mom are all together watching over us.


Christmas 2003

Lauren, Janine and Natosha. I am pretty sure this was Janine's 1st Christmas, so Lauren would have been 11 years old.

Easter 2007
Lauren and her dad at Nana's
Girls at Nana's -2004?
Natosha, Alex and Lauren

Lynnette's birthday shoes

These were a birthday gift for Lynnette from her boyfriend Michael.  What a terrific and caring idea. 


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